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Mar 1, 2024



Peru, a land settled by several cultures as the Incas, tiawanaku and many more ancient mysteries offers endless time of adventure with every gust of Andean wind. While Machu Picchu is undoubtedly the most famous landmark, the country is full of experiences that will excite, tantalize, and inspire wanderlust. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or a curious traveler, pack your sense of adventure and get ready to choose the best adventure tour Peru from the following 10 epic journeys among Cusco, Puno, Arequipa, Lima and Ica.


1. Hike Among Special Mountains

Throughout Cusco, there are several trails, including the Inca Trail, which allows you to follow ancient footpaths to the well-preserved 15th-century citadel of Machu Picchu. Additionally, there are other pathways, such as the Salkantay Trek and Lares Hike, which offer stunning high-altitude scenery covered with lush vegetation and diverse fauna.

If you prefer to walk during the day and stay overnight in your hotel in Cusco, you can visit the colorful Rainbow Mountain or Palcoyo Mountain. Other great journeys to explore ancient buildings would be the trail to Huchuy Qosqo or to Waqrapukara. Regardless of which trail you choose, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of some of the continent’s most iconic mountains.

2. Extreme Sports

Experience an adrenaline rush while enjoying breathtaking Andean landscapes by riding quadbikes to Maras Moray or towards the dwelling of the gods, paragliding over the plateau of Chinchero, and bungee jumping close to Cusco city. Test your courage by rafting on the Urubamba River or speeding down single-track mountain bike trails that are dotted with ancient buildings.


3. Lake Titicaca

Over 12,500 feet above sea level, Lake Titicaca appears to blend seamlessly with the horizon, welcoming to take a boat and explore the fascinating islands scattered throughout the waters. On Taquile island, discover the island’s exceptional weaving techniques. Compulsorily, visit the Uros floating islands made entirely of reeds by the Uros people. Keep an eye out for a variety of bird species, such as Andean gulls, along the shores of Titicaca.

4. Island of the Sun

Take a boat ride to the sacred Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca to follow the trails that were once walked by Incan and Tiahuanaco pilgrims, passing ancient ceremonial shrines, until you reach hidden beaches with breathtaking views of “Real mountain range” across the storied lake waters.

By the way, Lake Titicaca serves as the border between Peru and Bolivia. As a result, there are special journeys available to connect the landmarks of both countries. Check out our blog about the shared legacy between Peru and Bolivia.


5. Colca Canyon

The breathtaking cliffs of Colca Canyon, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, seem to descend endlessly into the depths. From the canyon edge, gaze out over terraced agricultural fields still cultivated using ancient Inca techniques, and cross trembling suspension bridges that span the chasm. For panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, hike along the canyon rim or descend into its depths for even more spectacular views.

6. Sillar Route

Many of Arequipa’s colonial-era buildings are made of ashlar, a white volcanic stone that shines in the high-altitude sunlight. This sillar route takes you to a quarry from Uñashuayco, where there is an outdoor museum of sculptures made from ashlar. The most recent adventure tour Peru!


7. Magic Water Circuit

This water, light, and music show takes place every night at Lima’s historic Park “La Reserva”. Twelve monumental fountains send water soaring and twisting acrobatically while being illuminated by a rainbow of colors and random images. The highlight of the show is the Fantasy Fountain, where jets reach up to 80 meters high.

8. Pachacamac

Take a journey back in time by strolling through the large archaeological complex of Pachacamac. This was an important Incan shrine and oracle site for pre-Incan cultures. Behold the Temple of the Sun, which is carved with mythical motifs. You can also stand atop towering sand dunes and enjoy sweeping Pacific panoramas.


9. Sandboard Down Giant Dunes

Adrenaline junkies can get their fix sliding, jumping and carving their way down the towering desert sand dunes of Huacachina. After a bumpy dune buggy ride to reach the tallest dunes, they can fly back down on a sandboard for an exhilarating ride. At the bottom, they can relax around the oasis town’s lagoon, which is edged by palm trees and a variety of thatched-roof restaurants.

10. Flight Over Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are mysterious markings carved into the arid coastal plains. From the air, they reveal themselves as gigantic pieces of art that can only be fully appreciated from high above. They depict animals such as hummingbirds, monkeys, and spiders, stretching across hundreds of feet, alongside perfectly straight lines traversing the desert. For the best aerial views of these UNESCO-protected geoglyphs dating back over 2,000 years, take our journey to Nazca.

Peru offers nonstop excitement for adventurous travelers with adrenaline-pumping activities set against backdrops of rich culture, history, and incredible scenery. Whether you want to trek through scenic routes or seek vertical thrills in the Andes, sand dunes, or city streets. Peru Top Experience guarantees the best adventure tour peru, just click here!

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