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Mar 3, 2024



If you have decided to spend your first vacation as newlyweds exploring south America’s diverse landscapes, you have made a fantastic choice. And there is no better option than Peru that offers a visually stunning and culturally wide playground for adventure-loving couples who want to live the real Peru honeymoon.

However, before you dream your way through Peru, you should follow these 10 essential Peru honeymoon planning tips to live out your best romantic escapades yet:

1. Agree on the activities in your Peru honeymoon

This will help you choose destinations and experiences that satisfy both of you. Decide whether you prefer off-the-beaten-path exploration like Inca Trail or Salkantay trek, leisurely cultural immersions such as 2-day Machu Picchu tour, extreme activities as riding quadbikes to Maras Moray, wildlife observation around the Lake Titicaca, culinary experiences in Lima city, or wellness retreats among the sacred valley of the Incas. Fortunately, Peru offers fantastic options for all of these preferences!

2. Take a journey with multiple stops.

Select a trip package in Peru that combines stunning natural sights with opportunities to experience its endless culture. Such a sample our 16-day tour around Peru Includes must-see destinations like Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima and Arequipa as well as offbeat stops such as the floating Uros islands on Lake Titicaca and the Ballestas Islands. Moreover, this journey incorporates the energy of Lima, the wildlife of the Inca trail, and some outdoor relaxation.

3. Ensure that airports exist in the places you plan to visit.

The best Peru honeymoon itineraries begin in the lively capital of Lima, filled with exceptional restaurants and city lights. Then the magical Cusco’s airport allows to fly to Puno, Arequipa, Puerto Maldonado and El Alto (Bolivia). Therefore, Cusco offers a perfectly designed itinerary that includes top attractions in Peru and even an unforgettable journey between Peru and Bolivia.

4. Allot 10-16 Days Minimum

To make the most of your Peru honeymoon comfortably without sacrificing any bucket-list essentials, it is recommended to allocate at least 10-day journey, 2-week itinerary and 16 days around Peru is the ideal option. This will allow you to acclimate to higher elevations while thoroughly exploring different destinations.

5. Get Private Transfers for your Peru Honeymoon

Get private transfers when traveling to or from airports, or between cities and hotels. Avoid the hassle of hailing taxis or carrying luggage on public transportation, and simply enjoy Peru’s unique scenery as you travel. If you are concerned about planning the best itinerary yourself, we can assist you!

6.Stay in Stylish and Romantic Accommodations

Peru has a wide range of exceptional hotels, inns, and lodges that are perfect for your upcoming Peru honeymoon. Consider staying at a boutique hotel that offers private plunge pools such as Palacio del Inka, open fireplaces among the sacred valley of the Incas, rooftop observatories around Cusco city, and indulgences such as couples’ massages or candlelit dinners in any capital of province throughout Peru.

7.Book Exciting Tours and Tour Packages

Sign up for small group or private guided tours to archaeological remains, local markets, traditional villages, floating islands, and natural wonders such as Rainbow Mountain or Palccoyo Mountain. Experience adrenaline-filled adventures such as dune buggy desert riding, zip-lining over cloud forests, or even riding quadbikes on the high mountains. These activities promise tons of fun!

8. Peru Honeymoon through hands-on experience

Feel yourself in Peru’s living Incan heritage through authentic hands-on experiences. Try weaving alpaca wool like indigenous locals, crafting pottery from clay, or making chocolate straight from the cacao beans during included workshops.

9. Satisfy your palate at every stop

Peru’s diverse cuisine showcases influences from ancient cultures and overseas techniques of cooking to compose amazing local sample of cuisine among landscapes. Enjoy Lima’s fusion fare before savoring Andean grains, potatoes, and alpaca meat in Cusco and Puno. And don’t forget the delicious ceviche and pisco sours among Paracas and Nazca!

10. Feel deeply, not just physically move around

Peru Honeymoons should be intentionally slower-paced, allowing for enough time to enjoy brunch buffets, wander ancient buildings, and stop to take panoramic photos. It’s also important to prioritize rest, perhaps by taking an extra nap before experiencing the exciting nightlife. 

Extra Tip: Checking out the Logistics

Once you have established your personalized vision for your Peru honeymoon, focus on organizing all the necessary details:

  • Arrange any necessary visa paperwork and immunizations.
  • Refill all prescription medications.
  • Confirm reservations for tours, activities, and restaurants when possible.
  • Order foreign currency and notify banks of international travel.
  • Exchange vows promising to remain flexible when unexpected situations arise before embarking on Peru’s exhilarating adventure together!

By incorporating these tips, you can plan your upcoming ¨Peru honeymoon adventure that will transform you forever. This country offers incredible opportunities to connect with each other while exploring remains, paragliding over forests, interacting with locals, and dancing under starlit skies. Buckle up and get ready for the exotic escapade of a lifetime with us!

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