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Ica - Paracas

The Ica-Paracas region, on the coast of Peru, is a true paradise for adventure and culture lovers. With landscapes ranging from arid coastal desert to lush oasis and turquoise beaches, Ica-Paracas is a tourist destination that offers a unique and diverse experience. Here you will discover some of the main tourist destinations that make this region an unmissable place in any traveler’s itinerary.

The Paracas National Reserve is one of the most outstanding natural treasures of the region. Here, visitors can admire an amazing marine biodiversity and observe birds such as Humboldt penguins in their natural habitat. Boat tours of the Ballestas Islands offer an exciting encounter with the marine fauna and birds that populate the area.

The oasis of Huacachina, a small town surrounded by huge sand dunes, adventurers can enjoy exciting dune buggy rides and sandboarding in this peculiar and beautiful location.

The Nazca Lines, an archeological mystery of monumental dimensions, are also found in the region. These ancient geoglyphs are famous for their geometric designs and animal figures drawn in the desert and are best appreciated from the air on a scenic flight. Are you ready for this adventure?

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